The One I Keep reveals Guerra to be a pretty talented filmmaker as well.”



Guerra's award-winning screendance films have been featured by film festivals, arts events, museum exhibitions, and periodicals across the U.S., and abroad in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Most recently, Guerra's For you, to mentor me won "Best Choreography and "Best Narrative Dance" at SounDance Film Festival (Argentina & Spain, 2020), while The One I Keep won the "Best Experimental" film award at Europa Film Festival (Argentina & Spain, 2020). Guerra spoke on the Screendance Panel at the 2019 Women in Dance Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, PA, in addition to showing two of her screendance films.

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“Elegantly composed and marked out with refined choreography, [Guerra's] stimulating work is a successful attempt to create a brilliant allegory of human condition capable of drawing the viewers to a heightened and multilayered experience.”



Read the full feature (below) on Guerra's The One I Keep in this

2018 Special Edition of WomenCinemakers (Berlin, Germany).

For you,

to mentor me

(2019 – 14 min)

For you, to mentor me follows a mother-daughter relationship shifting over time, featuring a multigenerational cast ages 4 to 60, and newborns 11 to 19 days, as it highlights a growing young woman’s thirst for independence, and a mother’s desire to nurture, guide, and mentor.


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