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In addition to her work in choreography, Guerra is a professional dancer with a background in ballet, modern, and classical Odissi Indian dance. She regularly performs in Luminarium's works across New England and the Mid-Atlantic, and has studied dance and performed lead roles with Nataraj Dancers (Amherst MA) and Deborah Abel Dance Company (Lexington MA) on international tours to India (2007, 2012) and Japan (2009); and in 2021, created a series of site-specific screendances across Tanzania in response to its national park ecosystems. 

In the visual art world, Guerra regularly performs and models for world-renowned dance photographers and visual artists, among them: Jordan Matter, Judith Larson, Larry Pratt, and Nina Fuller.


—Featured Performance Work—

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University Dance Dept.

MFA in Dance, Performer

USA (2019 – 2021)

While working towards an MFA in Dance at Rutgers University, Guerra performed in new works by guest choreographers:

  • Pavel Zuštiak (Director, Palissimo Company), Jette, 2019

  • Jody Sperling (Director, Time Lapse Dance), Shimmer, 2020

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