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Guerra regularly acts as a freelance writer and senior contributor for periodicals both regional and international, in addition to her work in publishing, copywriting, and editing. She is a critic and feature story writer for arts events and dance productions across Northeast America (from Boston to Philadelphia to NYC), and serves as a guest moderator for panels upon request. 
As a writer, Guerra is senior contributor to The Arts Fuse (curating its weekly “top pick” dance events across Greater Boston and New England at large); a ballet and contemporary dance journalist for the international Fjord Review and Dance International Magazine (writing performance reviews, features, interviews, and preview articles for a global audience); and shares personal insights on the behind-the-scenes of art-making (from choreographic sketches to furniture refurb) on her own online journal Arts Into Motion.

Synchronous with her work both in writing and graphic design, Guerra served as Art New England Magazine's Art Director for five years in Boston, MA, followed by her work at Princeton University Press in Princeton, NJ.

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Creative Research with Pam Tanowitz

Merli V. Guerra

FJORD REVIEW In-Print Edition #3

Pam Tanowitz is known for her merging of classical and contemporary forms. The celebrated choreographer, based in New York City, has a process that is suffused with whimsical ingenuity. These methods are explored in her course Creative Research in Dance, which she teaches at
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, on its New Brunswick campus (a 45-minute drive from New York City).

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