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WE-Award Application
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Experiments with Star Particles & Motion Capture

*Note: There is no sound in this clip.

Please view 0:15-0:45.


This brief clip shows early experiments with Yoshi Tanokura and the Isadora motion capture technology in reaction to one of our dancers onstage. You will first see the particles respond to the dancer alone, followed by footage of the Loie Fuller-style "wings" described in our application narrative. At times, these wings are evocative of birds and flight in relation to stories of the stars; at others, they embody the Northern Lights in relation to an Estonian myth about the origination of the Milky Way.

Opening Stargazing - Draft


Please view 0:00-3:30.

This is a rough draft of an opening work to the production in which the dancers form the constellations of Orion, the Big Dipper, and Andromeda, before engaging in a stargazing-inspired septet turned duet. The motion capture technology shown in Work Sample 1 will be used during the duet portion of this clip, with the dancers' opening formations projected on the back wall using an overhead camera, as if stars in the sky.


​Original music composition by Madeleine Shapiro and
Andreas Bragsland.

Performers: Tanisha Anand, Lex Barreiros, Keke Browne,
Jossie Hunter, Nevaeh Peaks, Jamie Pena, and Vee Williams.


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