The following works are best viewed using the YouTube app on your mobile device. 

This will allow you to move your device around you to view the work in 360.

If viewing these works on a computer, you can use your mouse to click on the video and drag the image to view different parts of the sphere.


"In Revolution"



These films depict different time periods associated with the colonnade at Princeton Battlefield State Park in Princeton, NJ. The first honors those who fought and fell at the Battle of Princeton (January 3, 1777) during the American Revolutionary War, where the colonnade now stands; the second pays homage to the colonnade’s journey from Philadelphia, PA, to Princeton, NJ, up the Delaware & Raritan Canal on canal boats in 1901; and the third reminds visitors of the colonnade’s original purpose as an entryway to a private home—with specific inspiration from a Maxwell family Christmas card dated 1949.


A total of five films will be made available to the public to view using the YouTube app on their mobile devices while walking the grounds of the colonnade this April. The following 2-minute promo shows visitors engaging with the works:

Please enjoy these examples of my work in immersive virtual reality performance!


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